Martinez Shut Down

Any sense of optimism from the night before regarding Carlos Martinez was quickly erased as General Manager John Mozeliak relayed the updated news of the pitcher’s MRI on Saturday.

“Unfortunately, it does show a shoulder strain and at this point, given where we are in the season, we will shut him down for the remainder of it–that would include depending on far we went in the postseason as well,” announced Mozeliak.

Martinez exited Friday’s game after making just seven pitches, describing tightness in his shoulder.

“The good news is on this, there is no surgery intervention,” said Mozeliak. “It’s really just about rest. If this happened say August 1, he probably would pitch again. But unfortunately where we are on the calendar, it’s just not going to work out.”

It’s expected Martinez will need four to eight weeks to recover and that would not include building the arm back up, thus the plan is to be fully recovered and ready to go for Spring Training.

As for how the injury developed or occurred, there are a couple of possibilities. Martinez mentioned some feeling some tightness in his prior start but felt better and as if he could work through it in his next bullpen session. He’s also thrown nearly 100 more innings this season than last year after moving to the rotation.

“There were probably some things that may have led up to that but it also appeared to be acute,” answered Mozeliak of the strain. “That would be more likely more chronic. This one–anytime you have an acute injury, you could argue either side of useage or maybe fatigue but in the end, I don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to that. Ultimately, I think what’s in his best interests is just to shut him down and let him recover.”

Mozeliak indicated that Tyler Lyons will likely take Martinez’ spot in the rotation on Wednesday–although Mike Matheny later acknowledged that the rotation could be adjusted in the next couple of days to account for matchups as they head into Pittsburgh.

On the season, Martinez compiled a record of 14-7 in 29 starts. He struck out 184 batters in 179.2 innings pitched.

photo credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


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