“Geeky” Wainwright In Proximity

It’s not quite his goal of hosting Saturday Night Live, but Adam Wainwright is stepping from the pitching mound onto the silver screen as the St. Louis Cardinals ace is amongst the cast of Proximity–a locally produced, independent film opening over Labor Day weekend at a few Wehrenberg theatres.

“The interesting thing and sort of the slap in the face for me, I guess, is that they needed someone who looked nerdy,” shared Wainwright recently. “I guess I am the perfect guy for that. They called and said ‘tell him to not like dress up in the nicest stuff, but wear sort of knee-high black socks, some tight shorts, and like a weird shirt or something. We need him to be the geeky, ex-boyfriend type.’ I’m like all right, I can do that…I got the geeky part down.”

Indeed, Wainwright’s character, Roger, is the ex-boyfriend of Ella, the main character of the film. Besides dealing with Roger, Ella must also work through falling for a younger man while her mother trying to set her up with a wealthy physician.

“I don’t know if I’m in the Screen Actors Guild just yet, but I do have several lines,” said Wainwright. “I had probably seven or eight lines in the movie. I filmed it in about an hour–it was neat. It was fun.”

Production actually took place last year, which allowed Wainwright to participate while he was rehabbing from the Achilles injury which took away most of his playing time.

The film is from Circa87 and writer-director Dan Steadman, who also locally produced Belleville, since relocating from Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

Proximity will be shown at the following Wehrenberg locations: Chesterfield, Mid-Rivers, O’Fallon IL, and Ronnies.

photo credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

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