Fowler and Pham Out Today

(Busch Stadium) The report is good, but incomplete on St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler.

“The MRI came back good, in fact, there weren’t any tears but there was significant swelling that we’re really not going to have any answers for a couple of days,” said Mike Matheny. “I don’t have any kind of time frame, just kind of wait and see. Tomorrow or the next day, should be able to give us a little more information.”

Fowler was injured in the 7th inning of last night’s game, crashing into the wall in an attempt to make a catch. He has initially been diagnosed with a left knee contusion.

“It’s good to hear that most of the feedback we’re getting is at least nothing structural,” added Matheny.

As expected, Fowler is not in the starting lineup today. Neither is Tommy Pham.

“Trying to get his eyes right,” shared Matheny. “The last couple of nights, just trying to find that right combination. I think it’s always just kind of toying with it a little bit to where he’s seeing it how he wants to.”

“I’ve got some eye irritation,” confirmed Pham. “I was prescribed some drops to help with eye dryness and the preservatives irritated my eyes, that’s what I found out from my eye doctor yesterday.”

Pham has been described a steroid to help correct the issue.

“I thought it was the lenses,” continued Pham. “I was experiencing headaches for about two weeks now, so yesterday I went and saw my eye doctor.”

The examination showed his contacts were fine, but the eyes were irritated.

“It’s happened to me before,” said Pham. “One time, my right eye was scarred and I couldn’t wear my contacts for 48 hours. But this is a little different. I told them that the team eye doctor gave me some eye drops, some prescription eye drops and I guess it gave me some eye irritation.”

Pham is confident that with tomorrow being an off-day, he should be good to go for Tuesday.

photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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