1000 RBI Club for Holliday

Welcome to the club Matt Holliday, who with an RBI single in the 4th inning Monday night became just the 277th player in Major League history to drive in at least 1000 runs.

“You know as a kid, if you would’ve told me I got a chance to play in the Major Leagues first of all I’d have been thrilled,” said Holliday.  “And then to get a chance to play this long and to get 1000 RBIs in the Major Leagues is special to me.”

Holliday credited his health for his longevity in the game and playing alongside some great teammates over the years. He also appreciated the ovation from the fans on reaching the milestone.

“It was great, they put it on the scoreboard and the fans stand up and cheer–that means a lot to me,” said Holliday.

“It seemed like when he came in, he was kind of thinking about it a little bit,” noted Mike Matheny. “He’s pretty stoic most of the time but I mentioned something to him and he had a big smile. He’s a baseball fan. He loves the game. He realizes there’s not a lot of people who’ve been able to reach a milestone like that. I think it took him back a little bit.

“Once again, when the fans stop and acknowledge what you’ve done–all these guys, it means so much to them. For their own individual accomplishments and just to know that they’ve been able to do these sorts of things but to have this group support them and show that they appreciate what they’ve done, it’s one of those things that you just don’t forget.”

Holliday drove in his first RBI during his third big league game–April 18th, 2004, as a rookie with the Colorado Rockies. He doubled off St. Louis starter Woody Williams in the 6th inning to bring in Kit Pellow for the score as Colorado came back to win the game 8-5.

photo credit:  Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

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